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America company registration

Choose to set up offices in the United States or the company has a number of advantages. With the Chinese joined the WTO (World Trade Organization), the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to bring unlimited business opportunities to set up offices or companies in the United States, which will increase the domestic enterprises in overseas visibility, enhance corporate image, to the development of international trade, export plays an important role. The United States is the first choice for multinational companies to set up overseas business. The United States has a highly developed modern market economy, its labor productivity, gross domestic product and foreign trade volume ranks first in the world, there is a relatively sound macroeconomic regulation and control system. The United States is the world's largest trade in goods and services in China, is the world's hot immigration is, economically developed countries, founded his own company where the development of the company, eventually became a resident, is the dream of many people.

The benefits of incorporation in the United States

1.The choice of company name business freedom, good infrastructure, not to limit the scope of business, registered cost less, and no verification provisions, without payment of registered capital.
2.Immigration and visa facilitation, as a shareholder of overseas companies (equity, property, assets) will provide you with legal proof.
3.The establishment of U.S. companies can also invest in the mainland, a foreign-funded enterprises or joint ventures, to enjoy the treatment of foreign investment and production and marketing advantages.
4.Strengthen the ability of overseas financing, can apply directly to the local business or project loans, direct or indirect overseas listing; or domestic parent companies in overseas financing, overseas companies will play an invaluable role.
5.All overseas companies have reduced or tax policy, the international transfer pricing and profit distribution costs, if not in the United States home business can be free of any tax. Each year will reduce your financial and tax burden.
6.The use of American companies to establish an international image, the international legal status of high, protected by the U.S. government recognized excellent.
7.The company may purchase, maintain or sell the transferred capital.
8.The company shall issue investment shares, services for personal property or real estate and other services.
9.The company recommended California, New York, Nevada, Illinois State and other states;

Conditions for establishing a company in the United States

1.One or more than two shareholders of a passport or identity card (above the age of 18) copy
2.Name of three U.S. companies, the United States by the name of the company registration authority, such as no duplication can apply
3.The name of the president, President, chairman, secretary and treasurer of the company
4.The proportion of shares to be registered for each shareholder of an American company (%)
5.The minimum registered capital of USD1000 yuan, depending on the region (the amount per share (0.001 to 1)

The customer must provide the following information

1.Intends to register the United States (state) company name three (English). Check time 3 days.
2.The board of directors, shareholders' name, identity card or passport, address, telephone / fax, photocopy.
3.The business scope of the company.
Note: if you want to register the United States branch, the Chinese parent company to provide business license / tax registration / legal identity card or passport copy, as well as the United States branch of individual shareholders passport, ID card copy

Registration time

Registration is completed within 50 working days (not including delivery time).
Reminder: the United States government are the ordinary letters sent to thousands of Accountants in the United States, which is similar to the domestic first-class, so need more time to wait for the government. If there is an urgent need for business, please arrange the time, you can also contact thousands of professional advisers to get more help.

Fees for registered us companies

1.Registered company fee: RMB 8800 yuan
Including the costs to be paid to the relevant departments of the government of the United States, secretarial services and registered address and the cost of Party B.
2.Annual maintenance fee: RMB 5500 yuan
Including second annual audit fees including government fees, secretarial fees, address fees, document courier fees
If you need to open an account in the United States company registration is completed, the need to apply for a federal tax, the company apply for federal tax collection 4500 yuan.

After the completion of the registration of the company, the following documents are delivered to the customer

1.United States (state) company registration certificate;
2.Company outline;
3.Stock certificate;
4.Minutes of directors' and shareholders' meetings;
5.A copy of the registration documents of the shareholders and directors of the company;
6.A set of seal.

America trademark overview

The United States uses the prior trademark protection principle. The ownership of trademarks in the United States usually depends on the use of trademarks in the United states. Generally speaking, even if the first user has not registered in the United States or its registered trademark after the user first registered the same or similar trademarks, the actual use of a trademark is better than the right to use the trademark. Of course, from the perspective of trademark protection, we can not ignore the user's trademark registration in the United States Patent and trademark office. The international organization and the International Convention on the United States to participate in the world intellectual property organization, "the Paris Convention on the protection of industrial property", "trademark registered by the international classification of goods and services" and nice agreement "Madrid Agreement Protocol", in November 2, 2003 to join the Madrid Protocol, is a pure protocol member.

America trademark registration required to provide information

Applicant qualification

Natural persons can apply for trademark registration
An enterprise as a legal person may apply for trademark registration

America trademark registration process

Validity period

Official receipt time: 3 days
Registration time:about 8 months
First registration validity: 10 years

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