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Hongkong company registration process and required information

First,Conditions of registered Hongkong company

1.One or more shareholders, all directors are required to be 18 years of age, all directors must produce a valid identity card or passport copy. If registered in the name of the company, the company needs to provide a copy of the company's business license and legal identity card scanning;
2.The standard of the minimum registered capital of 10 thousand Hong Kong dollars, registered capital without the actual arrival of capital verification;
3.Registered companies in Hongkong, Hongkong must be registered address, which is a necessary condition for the registration of the company of Hongkong
4.To appoint a local natural person in Hongkong or a local company in Hongkong to be a legal secretary of the company.

Second,Hongkong company registration information

1.The name of Hongkong company:Chinese name,English name or Chinese and English name
2.Identity cards of directors and shareholders
3.Signature sample scanned by directors and shareholders

Third, Procedures for registration of Hongkong company

1.To determine the name of the company registered in Hongkong, the registered capital, to determine the directors and shareholders of the company and the proportion of shares allocated
2.Provide company name to our company to confirm whether it can register;
3.Signed a letter of appointment of the company of Hongkong, the Hongkong agreement and the registration of the company's Hongkong service;
4.Take the corresponding products, our company began to apply for;
5.To arrange for all directors and shareholders to sign a full set of documents and articles of association of the company, or to express to your designated location;
6.We go to Hongkong government departments to handle the relevant formalities, about 8-10 working days to complete all formalities;
7.Receive a full set of information.

Hongkong trademark overview

The Trademark Law of the Hongkong is in accordance with the Trademark Law of the United kingdom. Hongkong trademark registration based on the use of the principle of priority, the principle of prior application supplemented. The Hongkong Intellectual Property Office is responsible for trademark and patent general affairs in Hongkong. The new Hongkong intellectual property law, which began in April 4, 2003, still retains a rough outline of the UK trademark law. But in the new law, additions and deletions to many parts, is worth to pay more attention to the applicant. Hongkong accepts the application for registration of commodity trademarks, service marks, trademarks, certification marks, defensive trademarks, shape marks and scent marks. The Paris Convention for the protection of industrial property (Stockholm) has been applied to Hongkong since November 6, 1977. Hongkong is not a member of the Madrid Protocol, nor is it a member of the Madrid Agreement, only one way to register.

Hongkong trademark registration required to provide information

Applicant qualification

Natural persons can apply for trademark registration
An enterprise as a legal person may apply for trademark registration

Hongkong trademark registration process

Validity period

First registration validity: 10 years

Hongkong company annual verification


Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Brand Name:company registration


Model Number:Agency Service


Type:Value-added service


Service1:Company registration

Service2:Trademark registration

Service3:Copyright registration

Service4:patent application

Service5:Acting accounting

Service6:Import and export right

Service7:Food business license

Service8:Company cancellation 

Provide information

1.Copy of business registration certificate;

2.Copy of registration certificate;

3.A full set of legal documents (NC1/AR1) copy;

4.Copy of the certificate of identity of the shareholders or directors (to be submitted to the government for the record);

5.Changes in shares, capital increase, renamed the relevant documents copy (if not related to the matter, ignore this article).

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