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Service type

United Kingdom company registration

Condition of registration

1.UK company name (English);
2.Provide proof of identity of at least one director and one secretary;
3.To provide a guarantee for the registration of a British company;
4.Provide the registered address of the UK (provided by the company / London);
5.Determine the registered capital of British companies, the lowest is $100, higher than this number to pay another 5‰ stamp tax; (without payment and stamp duty)

Registration process

1.Corporate portfolio: determine the name of the company, the registered capital of the company; determine the proportion of shareholders and the proportion of candidates to determine the chairman and chairman of the board candidates.
2.Sign a contract: submit a completed contract and application.
3.Name of the company: Three Chinese and English company name, completed in 1 working days.
4.The payment of the deposit in accordance with the agreed price in advance: 50%.
5.Sign a full set of documents: arrange all shareholders to sign a full set of documents at the designated place.
6.Government approval process: about 5 working days to complete the examination and approval procedures.
7.Production company: file file box box containing the articles of association, stock, notebook, seal etc..
8.The establishment of the company is completed: the processing time of 7-10 working days, the payment of the unpaid registered company, to receive a full set of information.

After registration to get the information

1.Company registration certificate;
2.Legal registration document;
3.Articles of association;
4.Company stock;
5.Legal record book;
6.Company steel seal;
7.Company signature chapter 8.Company glue seal

Registration benefits

1.Can be opened in mainland China, Hongkong and the United Kingdom bank account; do not have to pay taxes on British companies registered without any tax, enjoy the British policy!
2.The annual maintenance cost is low, the tax arrangement is convenient, the information is public, the credibility is high;
3.If you do not operate locally in the UK, no tax is legal;
4.In the major financial markets around the world and listed in Hongkong, relying on the "empire" reputation;
5.International legal status is high, protected by the Commonwealth government.

Open bank account

It is a simple procedure for UK companies to open offshore accounts in mainland China (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, etc.). Can also choose to open an account in the local bank of Hongkong (Hongkong HSBC, Hang Seng, Standard Chartered, etc.).
Bank account time
Different bank account time is different, usually about 2 weeks.
Bank account opening
General banks need to open an account in advance before the appointment of bank related personnel, after the completion of the appointment in accordance with the appointment number in the specified time to reach the bank!

United Kingdom trademark overview

The existing law includes the 1994 trademark act which came into effect in October 31, 1994 and the trademark act of, which was amended in 1996 and in 1998. The British trademark consists of Great Britain (England, Welsh, Scotland), Northern Ireland, the Isle of man and the British India ocean territory, but not including Ireland and the channel islands.
The EC trademark is valid and protected in the United kingdom. International trademark registration through the Madrid Protocol can also be extended to the United Kingdom and protected by the British, the applicant can British registration or application based on the application for international registration to the International Bureau by the UK Patent Office, which specify the other parties to the protocol and in the country have trademark protection.
the United Kingdom, in addition to ordinary commodity trademarks and service marks, collective marks, certification marks and trademarks can apply for registration. A trademark application in the UK can specify multiple categories.
The British National treaties and organizations include: "Stockholm International Convention", "International Registration Protocol", "Madrid Agreement" false origin marking, "nice" Hague Convention "certification agreement", "Trademark Law Treaty", the world intellectual property organization, in December 1, 1995 to join the Madrid Protocol, is a pure protocol member.

United Kingdom trademark registration required to provide information

Applicant qualification

Natural persons can apply for trademark registration
An enterprise as a legal person may apply for trademark registration

United Kingdom trademark registration process

Validity period

Official receipt time: 3 days
Registration time:about 6 months
First registration validity: 10 years

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